Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun Game crashes when using any mods or trying to launch with it Enabled

All the cheats are working well on GOG, but I can’t save the game, it gives me an error saying that there is no disc space on C:\Users\username\Documents\Horizon Zero Dawn
@MrAntiFun is there any workaround for that?

Game is Broken or mods are out of date not sure everything seems to work fine until i get to the quest to talk to Resh soon as i am done talking to him it puts me outside the wall and i cannot get back in i know this is not supposed to happen as i beat this game on ps4 twice i have restarted multiple times and it does it at the same spot every time i am supposed to be inside fighting the big machine then i have to talk to resh again afterwards can you please look into this thankyou.

are you able to save if you don’t use wemod?

have you tried not using wemod when you talk to Resh?

this isn’t the official game forums.

The game worked fine after loading with no mods but then got an error trying to reload wemod after completing that quest so had to quit game to reload everything i will see how it goes from my next save.

When “unlimited items” is enables, it makes multiple arrows to be shot at the same time as well as an increased fire rate (no other options are enabled). Can this be looked so bow have a regular firing rate?

After using WEMOD, every time a save is loaded, the game crashes

God Mode appears to no longer work. I did load the game first, then WeMod. Using the Steam version.

Not sure if this a known issue with Horizon Zero Dawn, but the game will periodically crash randomly due to this trainer. Most notably when escaping a certain camp and needing to repel down a cliff. Jump off, and the crash notification comes up. Will also happen periodically through the playthrough.

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I’m also having issues with crashing. I’m not 100% sure but I think it might be the Freeze Mission Timer option.

Edit - It’s not the Freeze Mission Timer option. I’ve been playing without it and I’m still getting crashes.

This has been a known issue and probably will not be taken care of since it is more of a perk.

I actually like this, and hope they separate it since you can rapid-fire, although you still need to hit the right spot to do major dmg still.

Are you on Steam? Reverify your files or this could be your PC giving you issues such as your RAM.

are you using steam as well, reverify your files. The trainer works fine when I test all the options recently.

Crashed for me but I wasnt using freeze mission timer

The Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Can we add Unlimited Concentration to the trainer?