Horizon Zero Dawn TRAINER

I have a Complaint. I have Used Wemod quite allot. Long before it became Wemod. When It was Mr.Anti Fun,.’
I normally dont have issue with Apps or Using them. But I am Angry. Maybe You Lost Your Job or Something I dont know. But I will probably Stop Using Wemod. Why?
Folks look You advertize that We can “Game our way” But Now, I cannot use the Full Mod, Because I don’t want to spend Monthly $$ to use it.
I work too hard to be charged to use the Full Mod. All the Others Work. and I have had for whatever Reason new names Everytime I added a Game. Honeybear,( By the Way I have Lost All POINTS that were on MY Accounts for the Same Email Address) Other crazy Names, But None of them Just updated the App already Loaded. and Now to use God Mode I must pay $8 a month to use Full Versions. No. Not When Others Do More for Free.

Sorry you have wemod all wrong. It is all free to use. Being not a pro member you have to use the hot keys to turn cheats off and on
While pro is very much appreciated
And also with the names you need to click the drop down arrow top right and click on your account name Wemod generates a name just so you can use it.
And also there is no other app that is free that does what wemod does
And who lost their job ? Everything cost money to operate , even mrantifun keeps his site open with generous donations.

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Hello there. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your predicament. A lot of people have it tough right now due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic issues that come with it.

However, you do not need to pay to use WeMod, as pointed out above. WeMod is free to use.
If you are not a Pro member, you need to activate cheats using the keyboard hotkeys, which is how trainer cheats (from anywhere) have been activated for decades. Activating cheats by clicking them is a Pro feature.

WeMod is free to use. But it is not free to develop. There are costs to cover. Bills to pay. Staff to pay. Servers to maintain. Maintenance to do. Upgrades to make. And so on. It costs hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, to keep a large community like WeMod running. That’s why we have optional Pro subscriptions. You say you work hard - The WeMod team works extremely hard behind the scenes to keep this going for everyone, especially our lead developer @frank. As I already stated, the economy is down the drain thanks to the pandemic, businesses feel the economic pressure too.

These Pro users are the sole reason that WeMod continues to exist today and are the only reason free users like yourself can use it. Because Pro members keep WeMod alive, we give them more features than free users as well as more control over what trainers get made and updated than free users, not only to incentivise them to support WeMod but also as a way of thanking them for supporting WeMod.

MrAntiFun’s payment model worked the same as WeMod does. He was also supported by paying users to be able to keep his service free to some. Only he called his paying users donors and we call them Pro. The only difference is the name given to paying users.

We could and have all of the right in the world to make WeMod 100% not free to use at all, like at least one of our certain rivals in the trainer industry has (or lock 90% of the trainer’s best cheats behind a paywall, like some have too). But we haven’t. And, other than the Pro users supporting WeMod’s existence for free users like yourself, that’s something which should be appreciated.

I wish you a pleasant day and that any financial issues you may have get resolved soon - there is help out there for this but you need to go to them and ask for it, they’re not going to come to you. In the future, please ask if you are unsure how WeMod works, rather than jumping to massively incorrect conclusions. :slight_smile:

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