Is horizon safe to download.

very safe its even on cnet.com

Yes horizon is 100% safe.

Yeah it is. I use it a lot. It’s one of my modding needs. No other mod tool, provides what Horizon provides. Going Diamond provides more features. Horizon is a great tool.

Yes it’s safe. We all use it here, and I think everyone of us will vouch.

Yes Horizon is safe, 100%. Just remember only to download in on this site, or cnet.

Do i need to run as admin?

No you don’t. It is required some times but most the time you don’t need to

No, but it’s best if you do, if your using the Device Explorer.

yessir but still have the requirements like be on net framework 3.5 and be on atleast service pack 2

I am asking as of now because the current download tht you guys have posted (how you download horizion as of now) seems to have my verizion internet security sweet popping up with red lights all over the place telling me that the program is infested with viruses now im not saying it is just merely wanting to know if it is any help would be appreciated on this issue thanks- bondamf

I have a question if horizon is safe to download will you still have access to stuff that diamond will let you do.

I want to mod Forza Horizon and I want to download horizon for free, but will you still have access to the garage or no.

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