Could someone give me a hand? i made an account for the horizon modding tool and when i get on it and try to sign in it keep telling me my username and password is incorrect but i can sign in to the website! im wondering why it wont let me so if someone could give me and idea or help me it would be very appreciated.=\

Try disabling your antivirus/firewall as it my be interrupting Horizon’s connection.

That did not work either keeps saying invalid login but im usuing the same username and password as the website.

Same thing is happening to me and i cant fix it.

If i figure something out ill try giving you a hand.

[since this thing got bumped.] Just make sure you type in your actual username, and not your email.

maybe these tips help you out:

  • [size=14]Complete you are profile on site.
  • Update HORIZON for last Version.
  • Make sure HORIZON allowed by firewall.
  • Run as administrator.[/size]