HorizonMB ChatBox

HorizonMB Chatbox


Many of you remember about a year ago me and sgt frankieboy made a chatbox where everyone was welcomed to chat and talk with each other but unfortunately it had to be closed because of a number of issues with the backend side and hosting issues.

But it’s back and better than ever, although it may have less features than the previous chatbox it is more reliable, faster and more efficient. This is the basic version of the chatbox and more features will be added over the next couple of days but I feel like the community has drifted apart recently so I thought it was time to rebuild!

There’s probably going to be a few bugs so if you encounter any please do let me know and if you have any suggestions then please do inform me. I’ve decided to place the online

How to install

Installing the chatbox is simple, either install the Google Chrome plugin which adds the chatbox at the top of the forum home page or you can visit the external full sized chatbox.


I’d like to thank LessThan3, Jimmy and UnderCoverUzi for helping me test and give ideas for the design.

You the man Dave! It’s a lot more fun when the site has a chatbox.

Woohoo, glad to see it back finally. As always nice work.

Glad it’s back as well. You guys just missed my 405 lbs bench press. D:

Yaay it’s back! I really liked the Chatbox ^-^

Dave’s a ********. <3

Glad to see the chatbox back, wish I could use it, like on my phone, but the interface is bad. The interface is only like that because it is on a phone version, but great work.

Glad to see this back.

Had fun designing the UI for it :thumbsup:

Very sexy work.

It appears that Azure has gone down, hopefully won’t be down for long.

when someone would do @ShadowsFall and i clicked on the link it would bring me to the old xboxmb site.

Oh I thought Shadowsfall broke it. He was all like “already found a bug” right before it crashed…

I got worried for a moment, thanks for the update.

Not working for me…

Host is down at the minute.

Read previous replies, Azure the Chat box hosting site has gone down.

Back up now gang

Looking nice :thumbsup:

We are up and running again, Azure is having issues with compiling ASP vNext applications but it’s live again. This also comes with a few updates on the backend side of the system which means I can add features a lot quicker and without impacting old stuff.

Looks sexy. Great work guys