HorizonMB Contest Engine

Due to the fact that almost any time a giveaway happens, the order gets screwed up because of the volume of posts at one time. I created a web service using HorizonMB’s API to make the process of creating and managing contests a breeze.

While the service generates a winner randomly based off the specified settings, there is little to no effort involved in the normally hectic process. I have a feeling some people like Decal will have great use for this.

Start your contest now - HorizonMB Contest Engine

And remember, report any bugs.

All image links are broken. All 404 Error.

Looks great!! I can’t wait to enter that $1 million contest :wink:

That’s odd. I was using speed cap.

Re-uploaded to imgur.

Update - Everything is ready to go, however the API seems to be acting up from my server. I contacted Cheater and it should be resolved hopefully soon.

Service is now live! updated OP with link.

If you find a bug, please report it here.

What does it mean XboxMB thread link?

The link to your giveaway thread, I’m guessing. Not sure though.

The link to your XboxMB thread where the giveaway is held.

I like this idea. When I did my giveaways I would have a poll out of a few people I thought my deserve it. then a random voter gets chosen to be the second winner.

Dose it have to be 1 winner or can you make it a 2 or 3 winner contest?

I don’t think he’s hosting a 1 million $ giveaway…

It was a test on my localhost… Of course i’m not lol…

1st bug: the avatar of the hoster gets skewed to 1:1, my avatar is 120x79 but on your site its square.
Edit: only on the “http://yourgamercard.net/xboxmb/contests/” page

When i click on view thread it takes me to this one shouldnt it take me to the contest thread?

Well the “Sample Contest” is a test not a real contest. my “First one SUCK IT” is a real one and takes you to the thread.

xAB I win.

For the sample contest i posted i set it to this thread. But whenever someone hosts a contest it will visit their specified link.


Looks amazing, glad it turned out so well. But it would be awesome for there to be a button on the contest pages to return back to the index.

the “http://yourgamercard.net/xboxmb/contests/manage” page needs a home button.


You’ll see some various UI changes within the next day.

Wow, that looks great, you sure deserve that nice shiny badge :smile:

Nice Thread my friend! :smiley:
Congrats for being stickied now :wink: