HorizonMB Halloween Logo

Thought I’d give a go at a Halloween logo considering we’ve gotten a new name/logo since last year.

High res:

Lower Res:

On the site w/ out orange:

On the site w/ orange:

What do you guys think?

Looks pretty good, what if the main colors for the site were changed from Green and White-ish-gray-ish-stuff to Orange andBlack?

I agree, that would look very cool but I do not know how much effort is needed to make that happen.
In progress of creating something in PS to simulate that now…

I love it. As you can tell by my avatar and sig I’m all about Halloween and pumpkins.

(thanks to n i c k and vSneakyRaptor for 80% of the images that make up my avatar and sig)

I kinda rushed this so it looks a bit bad and I didn’t finish it, but meh

Yeah I was sort of aiming for that:

Still some green around some edges and such, but just a little mock-up.

Yours looks a lot better! Staff should sooooo do that

Good Job pav!

This would be a quick and easy change, I would love to see this happen

I mean I can see a simple logo change happening, the color that would be a basic color scheme code (i.e. #eeeee) and don’t get me wrong it would be cool, but not everyone celebrates Halloween. Also from the past two years of being on the site (almost two years) Cheater really never added holiday effects to the site and I doubt that he will since (like I said before) not everyone celebrates holidays.

I am not hating on the idea or anything, I would absolutely love the idea and concept of this. I hope that Cheater does start having holiday effects since it would be a great change to the site!

I like. I’d like to this implemented.

The logo is sweet. I think it would be really nice to have a dark theme for those of us who would like using it. I have a much easier time reading boards that are dark background with light text. Not everyone would have to use it, it would just be a nice option for the site.

This should be implemented, but an option should be given if you want it or not, possibly. :worried:

I agree with the option to toggle from the default skin to the Halloween themed one 100%.

Thanks for the support guys. and any other ideas for this idea would be appreciated! :smile:

Little something I did…

The bats look really good man, makes a big difference. And that orange is the perfect fall variant.

If this was offered as an option I’d be all over it.

Nice job.

I’ll implement this for 200 BTC.