HorizonMB Recreations #1

Hello HorizonMB! Nick and I have decided to redesign the home and forum pages of HorizonMB. I did the Home page and Nick did the Forums Page. We worked on it for 6 hours straight yesterday and for about an hour today, so 7 hours total. We both think they came out incredible and would like your opinions and criticism.

My final image

Open Me

Nick’s final image

Open Me

Check out Nick’s thread here


Very nice. It should replace the one we have.

I like N i c k s.

Nick had to do A LOT more than I did so I can understand that, but you could’ve posted that in his thread

I hate myself for saying this…but I love it.

You guys are over hyped. Decent design though.

Love the background on the forums page, we need something like that so everything isn’t so bright and white.

Good to see someone having a go!!
If I can manage to find some spare time I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a crack at some of this stuff with you guys.
Always up for learning new tricks…