HorizonMB Recreations #2

Hey everyone so Luke(vSneakyRaptor) and I have recreated the home and forum page of HorizonMB. It took us a little over 7 hours to finish the whole thing, we started from scratch, the only thing that we didn’t design is the logo itself. I designed the Forum Page and Luke designed the Home Page and I think we did a great job.

What I designed.

I designed the small icons, and some of the banner, the rest of the forum page I did completely. I used the same layout of Horizon mainly, but I added a little something to the sides, they are Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller icons, with the Horizon logo. I think this was a great outcome, I loved the idea of doing this, I had so much fun and Luke and I will definitely be collaborating more in the future!

My final

[details=Open Me]
Logo and top banner links, fully designed.

New redesigned forum column, with a new interface (same layout).

Footer interface designed ( Luke didn’t leave me much room :stuck_out_tongue: )

Online user’s tab with group colors!

Top banner icons and text fully designed and changeable inside the .psd!

Search bar redesigned with a new different style than Horizons.

Controllers and Horizon Logo added to the sides that looks clean and sleek.

Final Image with all contents above put into one final image.


Groups used for this design (Photoshop Contents)

[details=Open Me]
If you wanna see the layers inside the groups then just ask.

Luke’s final

Open Me

Luke’s thread

That’s firickin sweet. I was incorporated into it so many times.

No counting sheep tonight, I will giggle myself to sleep with a super grin and probably wake up with it.

Sorry, but if you both include each other’s work in both of your threads, there is no reason to have two. The other has more responses and also starts with the number one, so I’m closing this. Please work it out and keep it to one thread in the future.