Horror Movies About Choice?

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So if your like me you like horror movies and if you are also like me you like movies that involve life or death choices that the many protagonist/protagonists have to make in order to live or live and let someone else die.
Movies like these just interest me so much!
I was wonder if there is more then what i have already watched cause im bored and wanna see some good movies!
List of Movies i have already seen:

[details=Open Me]Truth or Die
9 Dead
All the Saw Movies
Would You Rather
The Final
ANY movies like these would be great!
Horror movie night! :smiley:

Mehhh horror movies like these aren’t so good in my opinion, but can be entertaining nevertheless.

Have you seen Vile?

Have you seen Cheap Thrills?

Pretty much any horror movie. The victims always make the wrong choices which is why they die.

If you’ve never watched The Cell check it out. It’s not a straight up horror movie, it’s a horror/sci-fi/thriller mix. It’s got Jennifer Lopez & Vince Vaughn in it so you know it’s not a B movie. It’s really twisted, great movie for this time of the year.