Hosting CoD 4 Lobby. Pick Your Prestige & Gold Guns. Join Session

Hosting a Modded CoD4


  1. Join session

  2. Back out and go to split screen.

  3. Start the game and then look below for the prestiges.

  4. Get to desired prestige then back out and go online and get a kill

[details=List Of Prestiges]Dpad Right = 0 prestige
Right Stick = 1st prestige
Left Bumper = 2nd prestige
Y Button = 3rd prestige
RT = 4th prestige
LT = 5th prestige
Left Stick = 6th prestige
X Button = 7th prestige
B Button = 8th prestige
Dpad down = 9th prestige
Dpad up = 10th prestige
Dpad left = 11th prestige
Right bumper = Insane Stats[/details]

Picture Of Prestiges

Thanks to iPreds for the mods (He stopped hosting for a bit so now I am.)

I don’t think it gives you level 55 though. I’m not sure, it didn’t give it to me.

Post legit when in.


I was already 55 so i dunno if it does >.<
And thanks for doing this.

No problem. Theres nothing else to do, and it’s raining. So I might as well.

Legit, and it gives you 55

Wow. It didn’t do it for me. That’s weird. What did you do in the lobby? Just up on the D-Pad?

i press back then up on dpad for 10th perstige :smile:

Oh, it might be because I didn’t press back. I forgot.


Legit as a mother****er. lol. anyways, it does give 55 you just have to be sure to press right bumper as well.

Also, if anybody doesn’t know what the prestiges look like here -

Added to OP

When are you going to be hosting again?

When I get more infections :thumbsup: