Hosting CoD4/MW2 10th lobbies

I host 10th/11th prestige unlock all on cod4.
I host xp lobbies on MW2.
Send message on XBL to my lobby acct PKGsCoDLOBBIES.
When lobbies are in session I will invite you.
CoD4 proof.
MW2 proof.


Doin MW2 10th lobby now 3:30-4:30 pm central time.

100% legit xD

100% LEGIT

MW2 Invite GT: CyanideSunshine

hey invite me gt eVo Ni9hTMare cod4 and mw2 if you can a challenge lobby.

my cod 4 GT is DJ K1DD


GT : Vargity please invite me to your next cod 4 lobby i’m deranked

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