Hosting Reaper lobby now. Leave ur GT

Hosting Reaper lobby now. Leave ur GT

Lobby Status:Closed

Hosting Gamertag: Try Join in Session

Partner Gamertag: aguywif1nut Join or msg for inv.

  1. Join
  1. Find Me (Reaper)
  1. Kill Me
  1. Please Leave so others can join.

feel free to hit that thanks button. and post legit.

feel free to invite ur friends. but remember get ur kill and make space for the next person

Are you a reaper?

hosting a game yeah

Legit man thanks! You’re awesome!

gt xxcupmanxx

GT: Blestoise

Edit: Don’t invite, just remembered I have it on that account also.

eVo Zero l

That’s a lowercase L.

GT: XpertDisciple

Legit, thank you.

Gt: Liquidreaper666

thanks dude you are awesome

Can you send another on to Liquidreaper666 i could not join thanks

thanks this is legit

thanks in advance.

all invited. don’t be afraid to invite ur friends.

invite L0L IM A PANDA please (:

Wait could we join if we already have the medal just for fun?

mhhh…this wont get us banned…right?

it would take up space for people to join us

It said that thw game invite wasnt available D: could you try to invite me again please? i need room for 2 :3 <3

off topic but so many people with under 50 posts in this thread…