Hotkeys Aren't Working Suddenly

They were working swell with AC3 on Monday, but when I came back to play on Wednesday they refused to co-operate. I assumed it was a trainer issue, or Uplay interfering, but when I tried Borderlands Pre-Sequel, they didn’t work there either, so I’m just gonna assume they’re buggered across the board.

Is there a known fix? I’ve been browsing various threads but found no solid answer as of yet.

I’m running Win7 64 bit, and all games I own are completely legit and run through Steam.

What on earth, I managed to fix it (currently, not sure if its a permafix) by opening the game with WeMod, closing it while the game is still open, and rebooting it up. What an oddly specific fix, hope it stays fixed.

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Hey guys,

It same for me on AC 2 and Origins.

Hotkey doesn’t work and when i try to change the hotkey (like F1 to $), it’s like it don’t recognize the keyboard …

No sound activation in game… Yesterday it worked perfectly …

Anyone have a idea ? Thank you

Ok it work with your current fix !

Thank you.

Same thing is happening to me right now. Attempting to change hotkeys does not work; the program does not register any keyboard input. I accidentally removed the hotkey to a cheat, and now I can’t add it back. I tried the method of restarting WeMod after launching the game through it with no change.

Running 5.0.12 on Windows 10