How can I backup my entire Xbox 360 hard drive?

I’m looking to backup my entire Xbox 360 hard drive and I’ve found no method of how to do it. I’ve tried Xplorer360, and the loading bar to backup my hard drive just goes on forever and never completes (I’ve let it sit for hours and the loading bar just keeps cycling over and over with no sign of it actually doing anything). From what I can tell, in Horizon, you can only extract (backup) files one by one, which would take an eternity as I’m trying to backup my entire hard drive. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to my dilemma as to how I can backup my entire hard drive?

Didn’t 360 change to normal HDD format that you can view with windows explorer? If so just make a copy of everything on the drive.

When plugged in via a SATA to USB cable, the drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. When going to Disk Management, the entire drive appears as one big unallocated space, as if there is no data on the drive.

Only thing I can recommend then is to buy a license for FATXplorer and back it up with that.

Horizon has no way to backup all files at once?

No. It was never intended to be used as a backup tool.

I think you’d have to give the drive a number, as the way the 360 hard drive is formatted from factory, is not to be recognized on windows as some sort of copyright deal, just Google how to assign a drive a letter and follow the directions but you have to have a pc which who doesnt

Xplorer360 Extreme2 works still. You can back up the entire disk and it is free.