How can i configure a USB storage device for xbox 360 on my computer?

Title sais it all i want to be able to do this because i have a flash drive smaller than 1gb and it sais i cant format it on the xbox so yea any one know how i can?

Dont Think You Can.

Just plug it in, and if a pop up thing asks you to format it, click yes. If it doesn’t, go to my computer, right click the device, and format it back to the Windows file system. Don’t check the quick format option btw.

Find the device in the my computer and right click then format. I think you can format to FATX/FAT32 that way.


not an option on the computer though fat32 but tht doesnt do anything

You can only add Xbox 360 storage from the Xbox. FATX is not supported in Windows.

hey guys how can i configure my usb to the xbox 360. my xbox can already read it