How can i get kinect to work on my pc?

ive been looking around and i cant seem to find anything about this, so if you could tell me how then that would be great. im running on windows 7 if that helps
and sorry if this has been posted already.

To get Kinect work for the PC? That sounds like it would be hard. Maybe Searching on Google or Youtube lol.

you need the wire to plug it into teh usb.

It’s easy on to do on Linux.

Found this, don’t know if it’ll work.

You need to install drivers in order for your computer to recognize. I didn’t do it personally, but a google search got me this

Kinect Driver for Windows, Mac and Linux (OpenKinect and CL NUI Platform) Free Download » My Digital Life

They have videos of kinect hacks and some have download links for the drivers.

Just search for Kinect drivers Windows download or something.

>.< did no one listen to me?
theres an extender for kinect so you can plug it into old xbox360’s not the slim.
you need that. cause it plugs into the usb then the wire for kinect. you then link that upto you pc via usb and download the drivers.

Can I just ask why?

you can control windows 7 with kinect o.o its fun.

You still need to do the stuff he posted. In fact, none of what you said is of any use to people who aren’t ******ed enough to try and force then non USB connector into a USB port.

thats… kinda what the **** i was saying.
and the op was asking how to connect it-.-

Really? Where?

He actually asked

how can i get kinect to workon my pc?

Which means he can easily connect it, but needs the drivers to WORK it. Connecting it will do **** all, you need the drivers to operate it and get it recognized.

thanks for finding this video:thumbsup:. but is there any tut on how to get a mouse with kinect?

I simply placed my pet mouse on the sensor and it worked…on topic no I do not think they have relased shizz for guides on how to pc hack your connect.

lol is that possible. haha :laughing:

Any why would you wanna do that?

There’s this site. It has some stuff for Kinect-PC. :smile:

Follow the on=screen tutorial.