How can i lock my xbox 360

is there any way i can lock my xbox like it would need a password to start,

Not that I am aware of. Best protection you got to stop anyone using your Xbox 360 is to take the power plug.

There is Im not sure where I think its in the account section or the family settings(I’m not sure could be wrong) where you can set a code sequence for your account.

Use an Xbox Live passcode or just use the family settings.

That made me lol Dave :smile:

Yes, there is a setting which allows you to set a code with the xbox buttons instead of numbers,

Thanks for the thanks lol.

well as i can put a code on my profile but when i click it , its asks me for the password and if i cancel it i am logged 2 that account

You need to set it then it will work.

You can set a passosrd for your Account so no one can get onto the account if that’s what you mean and you can’t actually lock you xbox when it starts up.

You can only set a passcode to your account, not the console it’s self.

Use the Xbox360 passcode protection.

I don’t think you can lock ur Xbox360, but you can consider putting a pass-code on your gamertag …

you can set the play times in family settings for the time you be there and have it not allow for the times you not there. Put pass code on. Take power cables and hard drives that pretty much it

It lets you login but you can’t connect to Xbox LIVE.

You can set a 4 digit pass code for your account. :smile:

You could probably get a lock from your nearest hardware store and attach it to your xbox with glue or something. It would technically be locked then.
Seriously: As everyone else has said, use the pass code and/or family timer. However,if you use a passcode, just be aware that it can get reset if you recover your account.

Tutorial :smile: If u wanna get technical about it.