How can i play xbox 1 games on xbox 360

title says it all really i just get an error saying i need to find update off
but i cant find the update can any one help

I just put them in and it works fine… What game is it?

Only some games work.

Take a look at this list. If the game you want to play is not on that list, you can’t play it on a retail Xbox 360. If you have a jtag, you can play any Xbox original title, including homebrew and emulators.

Do you have a transfer cable for your Xbox 360’s hard drive? Or can you connect it to your computer using a SATA cable?

its gonna sound stupid but i wonna play buffy the vampire slayer it use to work a few dashboards back but when i went to play it to day it didnt work and same problem for halo 2 :anguished: and yes i have a jtag but i also couldnt get that to work on them either ive try usign iso2god playing original game off disc on jtag still no look and yes i have a transfer cable

ok i got halo 2 to work but buffy is still not working and dose any one know how to play these on jtag

Sorry for not reading your reply earlier, but try downloading this - When you unzip it, empty out a USB and put the contents on it, then plug it into the Xbox 360 and update it.

If you can’t do that for any reason, try installing the files using the transfer cable. Connect your hard drive into your computer, open Xplorer360, and download this file. Then click Drive->Restore Image…, and then open the file that you downloaded. If you have a 250GB hard drive, make sure you use the 250GB version of Xplorer360.
Visit this thread for more information: Xbox 360 Partition 2 Download (Xbox 1 Emulator)

If that doesn’t work, do the same for your jtag hard drive. And then after restoring the partition2.bin, close and re-open Xplorer360. Go to partition 2, and delete every file inside of it, and put in the folder names “Compatability” from this download.
Visit this thread for more information: Hacked Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility v5829 (November 2007) Download.

xploer360 wont pickup my jtag hdd but partybuffalo and modio to :S

Try Xplorer360 Xtreme 2. I don’t know if Party Buffalo and Modio let you restore images, but if they do, then use one of those programs.

party buffalo dose is there any way i can download a image back up of a 60gb hdd cause i think my hdd is screwed it dosent let my jtag turn on when its in and it dosent have a partition 1 or 2 so can i download a back up image and restore ?

First try to delete every single thing inside of partition 2, and then see if it works with the jtag.

i only have partition 3. 1 and 2 isn’t there

Are you getting the red rings when you try to turn on the jtag with the hard drive on? If so, use this guide to find your secondary error code, and then look the code up to see exactly what the problem is.

no i dont get an error easiest way to explain Capture.png picture by coruptfilezz - Photobucket
is what my hdd should have on it

Capture1.png picture by coruptfilezz - Photobucket and that is what i have on my hdd

all my partitions have gone other than 3 the one with profiles and saves

That’s odd, wanna let me teamview your computer?

every one thanks for your help i finaly got it working