How can I put a Nintendo 64 Emulator on my Xbox?

Hello everyone, I just want to know how to put an emulator for ninteno 64 games on my xbox. I want to play majora’s mask really bad but i dont have it for the n64 so why not get a ROM :smile: Please tell me how :smile: thank you

I’m not sure about an emulator for 360 but I know there is a 64 emulator for PC and modded Wii’s.

I have one on the PC but my computer lags really bad when I play it, I want it on my xbox

If you have a Jtag or RGH console then there are some 64 emulators available.

I do not… but could I have one on my flash drive and somehow make it work on my xbox?

No, but I could be wrong. Google it, Google is your friend.

hahahaha ok I will

You can’t run unasigned code on a retail xbox. Get a rgh or jtag and you can get it. I have the 64 emulator on my rgh. really fun playing old games. If you would like a video of how games look I can make one for you

Sure but I dont know how to get a rgh xbox and can i still go online with one?

Look at the marketplace on TTG.

Yes but will cost 50$ a day. Don’t get an rgh to go online.

thats crazy can i go online with a jtag?

Same as an rgh.

If you want to play Nintendo stuff (NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBA etc…) pick up a cheap used wii (can find one for like $50 these days) and soft mod it with the Homebrew channel and then you can run emulators easily as well as get free wii ware and virtual console games and much, much more.

have a wii, dont like controls, why is it so expensive for going online for a jtag xbox…

It runs unsigned code, which a retail Xbox 360 console can not do. Microsoft do not allow them.

You don’t need to go online with a RGH/Jtag anyway, I use mine for offline purposes and its no different if you go online. There are tools which allow you to play with other users, such as XLink (etc).

Use a Gamecube controller. Not sure about the online with Jtag/RGH cost.
Again, Google is your friend, use it.

ok, well are jtag xboxs expensive?

Depends on what console it is, you could probably buy a Xenon for around £90/£100. Only problem is, they overheat fast.

-Xenon ( 2005 )
-Zephyr ( 2007 )
-Falcon ( 2007 )
-Opus ( 2008 )
-Jasper ( 2008 )
-Trinity ( 2010)
-Corona ( 2011)

If you want to learn more about them and what they can do, check out this thread.

ok thank you nath, i will be sure to check it out. and may i have a link to the wii homebrew?

A lot of the questions you’ve been asking can easily be answered if you search.