How can reset toggle?

My cheat toggle was changed to ‘IME KANA’. What the Fxxking is IME KANA?? I can’t change my toggle!!! I press DEL key but it doesn’t reset!!

Click on the hotkey again and change it to something else?

If it doesnt work,. can you screenshot so we see what is it.

WTFxxking ‘IME KANA’ !!!
I just delete program and file, use registry cleaner, and finally reinstall infinity cheat!! WHY!!!

Just set it back to F1, shouldnt be a problem

I can’t set that. Just a click that, it’s changed to ‘IME KANA’

theres something wrong with the change buttons
hope theyll figure out a way to fix this

I’m going to have Infinity ignore the IME Kana key because it seems that it’s emitted when no keys are pressed. Something to do with keyboard layout changes in Windows. Once this update is released, you can click on the hotkey and press Delete or Backspace to restore the default one. Until then, close Infinity and delete the following file: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development\Infinity\game-settings.json (the AppData folder is hidden).

An update will be released by the end of the day (EST) that addresses this issue as well as the disappearing hotkey bug. Very sorry for the annoyance.


Thanks, Frank!

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Hello, there is the same problem with “PREVIOUS” button. And it spams it self xD

Can you screenshot?