How do I add files/folders into USB

Yes I did format the USB but I do not know how to put the mod in. I did inject but it says"Invalid STFS Package" and under it says the file location. I would find help on youtube but every video is slow, VERY UNCLEAR, and in a other language than English. If i were to drag it, the circle with the slash would appear so i would be unable to place it. Is there anything I am doing wrong or i need to do something to the files (Files: 7z/zip, rar).

What are you trying to inject?

If the files are .zip or .rar you will need unzip/unrar them first. If you’re able to open the .zip or .rar you can then drag the file inside out to your desktop. Then you should be able to drag & drop or inject without the error message.

Alright so i unzip and unrar the files but i am still unable to drag and drop or inject the file. Does it have to be a file? (skyrim modding)

What is the file? Give as many details as you can and we can figure this out.

Or link us to the file so we can check it.

Just noticed you said Skyrim modding. If it’s a PC mod it’s not going to work with 360.

It has to be a file type supported by Xbox.

These are all the mods i want to add for the xbox. Basically all i want is lore friendly and immersive kick to the game, if not no-hud skyrim is good enough for me.

Knapsacks by drsoupiii
Halls of Dovahndor by OKIIR
Immersive Armors and Weapons by Hothtrooper44
Heavy Armory by PrivateEye

Also can you tell me how to identify a mod that won’t work on the xbox so i won’t have to go through this problem again. Also THANK SO MUCH for the help man!

I don’t know much about Skyrim modding so I really can’t be of anymore help.
I’ll summon a buddy who can steer you in the right direction.

@Zodiac I’m sure you can help this guy out.

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Alright then, but thx any ways.

Unfortunately the mods you linked are all for PC only, I actually use some of those on my PC playthroughs.

Generally any mods you find on nexusmods are for the PC version. Savegames will work, but only if they do not contain assets from a PC-only mod. Any other sites with mods where the filetypes are .esp or .bsa, you will not be able to use them on Xbox.

Instead, you can request a save game to be modified with console commands. We won’t be able to add cool new armors & weapons, but we can do things like give you lots of gold, custom stats, items, etc.

If you want this done, just upload your xbox 360 gamesave and post a download link, along with a list of commands you want executed.

Skyrim Console Commands Info
Batch List examples

To upload your save game, drag it from the device explorer in Horizon to your desktop. Then upload that file to a website like mediafire.

Your batch list should resemble something like this:

player.setav health 500
player.setav stamina 9999999
player.forceav dragonsouls 99
player.additem f 9999999
player.additem 00063B46 100
player.additem 00063B47 100
player.additem 00063B43 100
player.additem 00063B45 100
player.additem 00063B42 100
player.additem 00063B44 100
player.additem 0006851E 100
player.additem 0006851F 100
player.additem 00068520 100
player.additem 00068521 100
player.additem 00068522 100
player.additem 00068523 100

*This would set my health to 500, stamina to 9999999, give me 99 dragonsouls to spend, 9,999,999 gold, and 100 of each type of gem. You get the idea. There is no limit to the size of a batch list, so feel free to get creative as long as you’re the one compiling the commands. The site I linked will display item ID’s when you view their respective pages:

This should set you in the right direction, feel free to ask any questions.

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Darn, but thanks for the clarification though.

Yeah, sorry bud. Like @sNaKe mentioned in another thread, there’s probably a way to use these with a JTAG/RGH console, but it would be a waste of time/money. Skyrim on 360 is buggy and slow enough on just vanilla, mods do tend to affect performance depending on what you’re running.

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