How Do I Circumvent Error #9?

Hey guys :),

when I try to press the button (open/play game) then an error shows up saying that it can’t open due to my anti virus (at the time of usage is Windows Defender) reading it as malicious software. I tried excluding it on the program, but the problem is still there. What should I do?

Which game?

Tales of Zestiria

It could be cause of wmic, follow the suggestions in this thread.

If that doesn’t work, try clicking start game after the game has run and trying a few times.

If that fails even, try deleting this folder then try.
C:\Users\STN\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development\Infinity.

We are soon going to remove dependency on wmic/icacl which are the culprit for these errors.

The error that is presented here is not exactly the one that was stated in the post that you sent me.

This is the error that I have been experiencing (sorry not to put a photo earlier)

Is there any way to fix this?

I already gave you the known fixes, if you ignore them then not sure how i can help.

Try the suggestion posted by @nick_666 over here. i was getting similar error codes, and removing all appdata folders helped solved my problem.

I’ve tried everything that I could think of. I even restarted my PC…

In the time I was gone, was a solution found?

The only solution I know of and works for nearly everyone is deleting the CACHE folder.
You can do it easily with this: - ICDV2.bat -
And disabling your AV completely since sometimes it blocks infinity even while put in Exception

I did suggest the solution even then!.

Now i know error 9 is corrupted download, well other reasons too but seems like everyone is getting it cause of that. Use the icdv tool posted above^ to clean your cache then try again.

God Bless you all. it worked :slight_smile: thanks.

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