How do I compare the WeMod version with Steam?

I downloaded the game Valheim a couple years ago through Steam, when I was not yet using WeMod. Recently I updated the game through Steam and am trying to use WeMod, but I have a feeling something is wrong with the version WeMod is using. I get a message saying “These mods might not work with this version”. But I checked my Steam app and it’s a version from this month (4/2023) and the WeMod updates for the game also are from this same month/year. I go to look in the game and I don’t see any modifications (though not sure I’d know what they are).

Is there any way to check which version WeMod is actually using? Then I can compare it to the version listed on Steam. Thanks.

There really isn’t a way to compare versions as we use timestamps which are not straightforward to obtain or compare. Please verify file integrity through Steam or reinstall the game if you still see the message.

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