How do i fill a Airsoft gun co2 cartridge?

ok so the cartridge looks like this

As you can see there is a tip at the end. How can i take it off to fill it ? thanks

I suppose that would be a good question for google.

I don’t think they are re-fillable, cause I use them for my jump bike innertubes and I just bin them afterwards.

I may be wrong, but with Co2 for paintball, i take it to a store that does Co2 fill ups and they do it at a station. Might be different for airsoft, never done.

You cant refill them ones there the ones you get rid of when your done i have them :smiley:.

U cant, to refil u need a Co2 tank not a cartridge

Go buy more.

This. Those are disposable ones, as most airsoft ones are. Very rarely will you find a refillable airsoft CO2 canister.

you cannot refill the little ones like that they have a layer of metel on top and when you put it into a air soft gun or what ever you put it into you puncher it and cannot be resealed.

Get a propane gun!

Can’t refill them.

Don’t think you can Refill them, very Rarely you get one that can be Refilled any how :confused:

There is no way to refill those. You just throw them away after they are empty. If you want a CO2 tank that you refill it will have to be one like this:

May help:
How do i fill a Airsoft gun co2 cartridge?

Do you realise how un-helpful that is?

im just too much into paintball to say that looks like a compressed air tank :stuck_out_tongue:

to the OP: i think these are disposable ones, since they only last around 3 clips on a TMX paintball pistol, its almost useless to fill them up…

they are not that expensive though, i saw like 50 of them for around 12$ somewhere…

You don’t refill those.

It is but they looks almost the same.

After there done you can’t use them you should go out and just buy a large one.

Those are disposables you will just have to buy more.