How Do i get back Gamerscore after being reset?

OK. I never modded my gamerscore I had 12830 GS and Microsoft randomnly reset me… I lost all my GS and i can not earn anymore Is there anyway That I can get my gs back or even be able to unlock more gs…

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Your Done.
Make a new account if you want more.

the gamerscore that you had before you were reset will be locked and you will never be able to get them again.

you will have to add more games that you haven’t already played

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yes im afraid them two are correct!! :confused: i got reset also my friend

There was a way where you add the Xbox 360 Dashboard to your games played, which is ID FFFE07D1, and then you delete it from the dashboard, not sure if it works.

There is no way possible to fix reset gamerscore.

The only way to get gamerscore now is to play new games and unlock new achievements.

This^^^ i did it yesterday and im getting acheivments now and my zone doesnt say cheater anymore

This is a random thought but try making a new account like destroyer said but changing the ids of all your save games :smile: It might work!

Lol @ how you get reset for 12k gamerscore…
i have that legit

You can’t get it back :anguished:

There is a way so if you really wanna know PM me. :wink: