How do I get back to Skuldafn?

Today while modifying my Skyrim save, all I did was add a lot of Daedric arrows, my character was magically transported out Skuldafn, which is important to my main storyline. So how can I get back there to finish the game?

try “coc skuldafn”

I’m not sure what it is and I can’t check at the moment.

and it wont let you fast travel to it

Oh well had to restart my game :confused:

why didn’t you just load from the nearest autosave? n00b:lol:

I switch my time between two different saves. The auto-saves get mixed up.

Here is how to get back to skulldafn. :thumbsup: (PC only :cry:)

On your keyboard press the key below esc. is will open up a menu at the botom of the screen. This is the console comands screen. Then type coc skuldafn01" and it will fast travel you to skulldafn :smiley: to leave type coc <name of town>
Go to here for full list of console commands go here :-
Console Commands (Skyrim) - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

PS: Type - coc gasmoke - to go to a developer room. it contains one of every item in game. For weapon chests and enchanted weapon chests give a minuite to load and give a minuite to take an item aswell. :sunglasses:

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Actually it is qasmoke, not gasmoke.

yeah getting someone to coc for you would have been easier :confused: