How do i get minecraft for free using horizon

please help me

You can’t.

Horizon will not get you Minecraft for free.

You get get free games using Horizon, you can only mod them.

Horizon can’t get you any game for free, just mod the ones you actually do own.

The best place for this kind of stuff is to buy this new device which is called buy everything4free now what it does is you plug it into your xbox memory card slot and it allows you to buy any game on the marketplace for free!

Where do people come up with this stuff?

theres a video on youtube

Just like everybody else is saying, you can not get minecraft for free using Horizon. That would be illegal an Horizon would be shutdown. Horizon however can mod the games you own. Please, use a little common sense. As for the YouTube video, give a link, I want to see this.

Lol at this thread.
And to op, don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

I bet most of them think Horizon can do everything.

Can you post a link to the video that shows Horizon giving MC for free?

Well i got Minecraft for free using Horizon, Downloaded the game, Used Horizon to transfer it to my USB, Played on my RGH. You mad Marketplace? But joking aside theres no way anymore to get a free arcade/GOD games unless you pay or license transfer it…Or get a modded console.

Get the Arcade game, Try ISOHunt of something.

But…but it’s the internetz :anguished:

I saw a video where a guy turned peanut butter into diamonds. He had a tutorial up and I did everything as he showed, but it wouldn’t work. Help!


idk i been trying too=\

This is not possible without license transfer or JTAG/RGH.