How do i get this for my tablet?

Please help me out, im trying to get this app for my tablet but can’t find it!

What app? Horizon, infinity or the infinity remote thingy?



No need to scream.

I meant for my iPad! :stuck_out_tongue:

To use the remote with your Phone/Tablet, click open remote.
Check picture under.

Then you need to open your email and click on the link.
The link send you to a page, there you do the modifications when the Infinity is started with a modification.

how do i download the app to it?

You dont, you do all the modifications from the web page.
That is sent to you on your email.

Click open remote and check your email.

Oh then i can’t, i play on a iMac with zip file and it don’t let me download it

Okey, i see. Sorry mate, but as of right now its no install for Mac`s.
I dont know if they ever make one.

It was a suggestion about this earlier, you can check out the topic under

The only app Infinity offers is a diamond-only feature referred to as “the remote” that works like a remote instead of a stand-alone mod tool.

You will find some more info in the link below.

I see why people get confused about the remote thinking its an app but the way it is setup right now makes it so you can use the remote on any mobile/tablet or smartphone not just android/iOS.

Also infinity is a PC games modding tool, not Mac games at least not yet. Apple doesn’t make it easy to modify their expensive ass products.

Ok I hate to rehash old questions, but I must be doing something wrong. I now understand there is no App for us pro members (a bit confusing to be honest) but I still do not understand the process, I am now a pro member, but I cannot find what was in that picture above, I do not see a “remote” option in my Infinity, and I am trying to utilize the option to use this on my phone (android) to sync up while i play on my (non mac) pc. Can I get some simple easy to follow step by steps please and thank you.

All you have to do is go to on your phone, tablet, ect. You will have to be signed into both Infinity and on your mobile device.

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Alright I stand corrected. I have myself at on my device. But I dont understand how I can be signed into Infinity AND on my device if i cannot install infinity on my device

You log-in through the website on your device.

easiest way (dont quote me on that lol)

  1. open up your game
  2. then alt+tab
  3. press start game on infinity
  4. (once infinity finishes loading game trainer) go to the device you want to use the remote on and login to wemod if you arent already
  5. go to
  6. at this point it should auto load the trainers cheat list (sometimes can take up 15 seconds to load depending on internet speeds on the device)

good luck and have fun :sunglasses:

Find the Infinity Remote on the Google Play or iOS App Stores by searching for “Infinity by WeMod”.

Or go to

Note: You must be a Pro member to use the remote. To upgrade go here:

To answer your question as to why you don’t need to have Infinity installed on your phone, is because the remote passes commands through a web socket. It’s the same way Facebook messenger and many other apps work.

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Hey Zach, sorry i’m brand new around here, didn’t look around before posting (my bad). Though I have done everything listed, yet my android stays at Not connected, logged in properly on all sides but no dice. I wont stress about it, but just figured I would mention it at least.


I was able to fix it by closing out infinity on my PC a few times and then reopining it while already being logged in on my phone. Not sure why it was so picky about it, but it is now working.