How do i join halo 4 system link via xbslink?

okay i have xbslink set up but just wondering how do i join a system link game?

only offers to create a game and then theres no option to search or join a system link one


You have to go to settings in halo 4 and change the network to system link (Default is My Xbox 360?)

  1. Hit Start on main screen
  2. Go across to Network
  3. Switch to System Link

Then make sure you have joined a cloud (I use [360 Halo 4] Lots of people :smiley:) and started XBSlink engine.

Hit (x) on the main menu and you should see a lot of people show up, just tap A on there name and join


You can go to war games and start your own match for others to join (Auto puts it over system link network so other people in the cloud can see the match)

Does this work on a retail? (Not Halo 4, just any game.)

EDIT: Nevermind, looks cool.


Of course the method will alter e.g Some games have a separate system link area (MW2)
where you create/join the matches.

So you just do that instead of changing the network over to system link like in the tutorial above :smile:

So I can run WaW GPD Mods? This requires all updates to be deleted, that’s basically it.

Yeap, make sure the person who’s trying to connect to you has the same TU as you or he won’t be able to join.

BTW, this isn’t xbox live so the stats or whatever won’t stick if that’s what your trying to do?

Also flashed consoles/retail consoles can host but rarely, if at all connect to other games because of the 30ms ping limit on system link matches. (Protip: Use a JTAG/RGH with 30ms ping patch to connect to others)

done that, and i still cant find anyone at all in the roster

ya i was thinking maybe i couldnt find anyone because i was using a flashed and since i cant apply the 30ms ping patch to it

Thats werid, I play on a flashed console as well but i can still find people in the roster :confused:

What does XBSlink say when you hit Start Engine?

Also are you positive you have joined a cloud?

  • You should see a lot of names w/there pings in the info tab
  • And some people should be talking in the chat tab.