How do I make Free Style Dash Recognize My Games

When I load up free style dash and I go to games it doesn’t show me any of my games, I only have mw2 installed but still, well and xex menu, so what do I do.

You need to manage the paths to point to your games folder.

srry for the double post

How do I do that ? Ive never used FSD before

If i can remember correctly you go to general settings and there should be sub menu called manage paths

>Manage game paths.

Look around.

K I will try

Could ^ sumbody upload pics or a vids of there settings and there folders, cuz i changed the paths and it didn’t work

Try to http with freestyle dash by typing in your ip in your webrowser and uploading it manually

ok so I havent used my jtag very much cuz it breaks all the time so i have no idea about what u just said

While on freestyle dash go to your web browser on your computer and type in your jtags ip

Just use XEX Menu then.
No sense in making a fuss, just use it until you find out.

It seems pretty self explanatory.

ok how to i see my jtags ip

While on freestyle dash press ls or rs and your screen should appear different and your ip should be there

ok so i have the directory set to HDD1/Games and in that folder I have another folder in there called MW2 then the MW2 Game Files, so with the directory HDD1/Games set it still doesn’t reconize my games, am I doing anything wrong

upload it through http or associate your xbox with a “” account and use that to assign “custom” covers to the items that you want.

Im not trying to get my covers to work, FSD, when I go to games or xbox 360 games, homebrew, arcade, it doesn’t reconize any of the games that I have, not just the covers

Set scan depth to 1

Ok cuz right now its at 3, then mabye tomorrow u could help me wit da covers, and also thanx for all the help u have been providing me, with updating my dash and this, u have been very very helpfull:)

i have fsd and i formatted my hard drive to sync with the xbox but wen i go to my fsd my games didnt shoow up and my scanning path is wer it needs to be. witch is in the folder games. plz help also it just started doin this because once i put my hard drive into an external case it wanted me to configure it but i did and it works with regular dashboard with my movies and stuff but my games dont show up on my fsd.