How do i open?

i have windows 10 (64-bit)

Did you click on the Desktop’s shortcut to launch Infinity ? What is the name of the exact .DLL file, when the missing error message appears ?

Are you on a clean/fresh Windows OS install ?

Do all other programs/apps/software work fine on your system ? Make sure there are no missing/corrupt Registry entries.

yes fresh win 10 install, it says node.dll but i can see it right in my appdata/roaming/infinity

all other programs work fine

it finally decided to work all of the sudden when i ran the install. Thankyou for all of your help!

Thanks for the update.

I was able to load up my game but some of my cheats aren’t working?!

Which GAME are you playing ? Mention the title name, and specify which particular cheat option is NOT working properly.

Maybe the trainer might need an update, depending on the game title. Do you get any error message as well ?

I am playing American Truck Simulator (Steam Version) and the Add 10k Money works but the infinite xp level plays the sound when i press the shorcut but it wont work


Try to post this under the official trainer thread. Before doing this, read the trainer NOTES, maybe the instructions might help ?

Max Level: View your Progress History for this mod to take effect.

Add 10K Money: You need to be in game driving for this mod to work.

Infinite Skill Points: You must have at least 1 skill point for this mod to work.

@STiNGERR is the developer for this game’s trainer. Maybe the trainer might need an update, if there has been a recent patch via STEAM:

American Truck Simulator Cheats and Trainer

no error

thankyou, i neve checked my progess history

I tried using the cheat again and i checked my progress history but it is still the same level and i tried aborting the freight market job that i was doing and then tried again in free mode but it still didn’t work. It seems that add 10k money is the only one that is working

Like I mentioned before, maybe the trainer might need an update, if there has been a recent patch via STEAM. So post under the official thread.

i cant switch the mod one it have that cross out thing help plz

Click Play

But the mods don’t pop up it still have that Red Cross sign

Which game?

Payday 2

Delete any other mods you might be using, disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list. Spam the play key.

Use it offline