How do i put horizon on online mode?

I was just online with it yesterday modding GoW3 for myself. Wanted to re-tweak my rank and it keeps saying its in offline mode…so how do I put it online?

Try redownloading it and reopening it, it worked for me :o

Disable your AV, or add it to the exception list.

sorry but can you give me a quick tutorial on what I have to do to get to the AV? ta be honest with you i’m kinda high so i have no idea how to get there.

Happened to me too. I Just closed it and re-opened it

and to add a little more info,i’ve closed and re-opened. redownloaded. and i did that CMD ipconfig /flushdns thing.

o wait im stupid. nevermind i did the av thing too lol. im at my friends house doing it right now btw. not on my home computer. does that effect it?

An AV is Anti-Virus, what Anti-Virus do you have installed on your PC?

how do i turn off my anti virus

What AV do you have? Search it up in Google. “How to disable “Your AV””.

Well i wasted time and money on this i cannot open up my horizon ! PERFECT

i cant figer out how to go to online mode plzzz help me

Yeah I can’t either.:weary: