How do I re-assign a game file?

I accedentally assigned COD: BO2 in the wrong assign. Please help me!

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Im not totally sure what you mean by that.

Did you install BO2 in the wrong directory?

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I mean that in Infinity 2.0 i assigned BO2’s folder to the wrong game folder and now I don’t know how to switch it to another game folder
and will it work on .exe’s and game files or JUST game files?

Infinity doesn’t accept a folder unless it is the right one so i am not sure why you would think that.

What is the real problem here?

I wanted to assign Infinity to a different folder because that one didn’t work

What do you mean it didn’t work? If the correct EXE isn’t in the folder it won’t let you assign Infinity to that location.

It has multiple EXE’s

Don’t worry about that. Infinity knows which file to choose. Just click stasrt game and it will run the correct file.

Yeah, but it’ll say it can’t run without administrator privliges and when i tried it with admin on it still didn’t work

Which error code?

Doesn’t say…

It doesn’t give you any error at all?

It doesn’t give me an error code it gives me the uhoh… msg but no error code

Try following the suggestions in this thread