How do i speed up download?

i got the poorest downloading speed i have ever seen.
without calling AT&T for support is their any way to speed up my DL time?

:smile: or :cry:

You probably won’t be able to. Just call them and try getting a better plan. Also, I’m sure your internet speed is faster than gabe_k’s.

You can try:
Turning off your AV
Connecting VIA Ethernet cable
resetting your router and modem
Getting a new router and modem
Your last choice is to contact your ISP

Theirs gotta be a way around it… i am going to do little more research … hopefully someone on here will know where to look and send me a link.


i tried all three that didn’t work lol.
i might call them.

please keep this open i will pm u chris when to close… unless someone make this topic and off topic one.

you have to contact your ISP and see if there is a faster package available. If not switch ISP’s.

Make sure that your download is the only thing using the internet

I am calling them right now … after i find the phone number i will keep u all posted.

I tried Ringing my Internet supplier, but they just sent me out a Crap Little Device that was meant to Boost my Connection but it didn’t :confused: So i am now stuck my with a Crap Connection which Download Speed is like 56Kbps Top :anguished:

lol i was getting ddos… ATT is contacting law enforcement and getting the person behind bars lol… i was laughing my ass off.

Sorry to say but I really doubt they will actually do anything.


O well this can be closed pming u right now.:slight_smile:

You can’t really do anything about it. If it has always been slow, it will always be slow >_>
Best thing you can do is just upgrade your speed, ATT is not the best so I also suggest switching to Time Warner.