How do I uninstall the app?

I have “uninstalled” the app via add or remove programs on Windows 10, but the app itself is still on my desktop and works perfectly fine. How do I completely remove this please, like I would with any normal program? Is there an uninstaller? Thank you in advance.

I take that as a no then!? There is no way to uninstall this app? This is ridiculous!

If you can’t delete the install files your user account does not have enough access. WeMod installs to the appdata folder which is not protected. WeMod can also be uninstalled from the add/remove programs.

Yes I have “uninstalled” via the add/remove programs. But it hasn’t been removed…

If I have to dig through files to delete then where are they found and why hasn’t this been published for people who no longer want Wemod?

If you uninstalled it from the add/remove programs then you are running the installer every time. WeMod is completely uninstalled when you use the control panel.

Thanks for the response Chris by the way! Much appreciated. So you’re telling me when I open the app that I downloaded from the website, every time I open this it re-installs the app?!

If you are opening the file you downloaded from here that is the installer and reinstalls it every time if it has been uninstalled.

Well no obviously I’m not clicking on the installer/setup! I’m saying that I “removed” the program via the add/remove programs, yet the Wemod icon on my desktop is still there and if I click on it, it opens the app, which is working fine 100%, nothing has changed at all. There is no uninstaller to remove Wemod. If I go to my add/remove programs now Wemod isn’t even there as my PC believes it’s already been uninstalled, but it hasn’t.

Don’t know what to tell you then besides manually delete the folders from Appdata.

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