How do I use mods

I just signed up and paid for diamond membership. I’m really just wanting Minecraft mods for xbox 360 but I cant find any. Help

you cant use PC mods on XBOX and there are none for xbox, most you will find is Minecraft Maps

I have seen people with minecraft mods. Were are they getting them.

what kind of mods?

player mods, inventory, monsters.

i think with a modded xbox some of that can be done but not with just a USB, I also would make sure you will use something be fore Buying something like Diamond

Thanks for the tip… Yea, we saved it to a USB. I’m just trying to help my son out. I watched a video of someone using Horizon for minecraft mods. It looked pretty easy. Until I couldn’t find the actual mods. I’m kinda lost, haha.

I’ve heard that the opryzelp 360md mod works but I couldn’t get it to download

You can’t add anything that isn’t already in the game without a modified console (e.g a jtag or rgh).

What they’re doing is adding user created maps with Horizon, by resigning them to their profile so they can play them. While they don’t have any special mods or anything like that, you can call them custom maps since they were created by an individual or small group of players.