How do u jtag with usb?

is there any true way to jtag with usb with the most current of updates on xbox?
i dont have xbox live and cant pay for it anymore. i just want my xbox jtaged

no you can not jtag with a usb and i believe u never could… idont know if im right but i think so iv never seen it done anyways

No you cannot make a jtag with a USB.

Its impossible and there is no ‘true way’.

can you put the xex mod menu on the xbox with a usb?

Yes you can, but it will only show / launch if your xbox is jtagged already.

No this is not possible and will never be possible.

I Lol’d.

There Is No Way.

can you put the xex mod menu on the xbox with a usb?

Sure you can.

Once you do take a picture of it and send it to your buddies because that is about all you can do with it.

idk think so but for jtaging your xbox in volves soldering and dumping the nano and stuff like tht… so sorry u cant

i just want to be able to put game files on a hard drive (external) and play them :confused:

from 3 red rings to this in one day. im pretty good

If you are running the “metro” dash, you cannot do the original smc/jtag hack. Without getting too in depth on this if your dash is past the 7371 kernel, it cannot be jtagged. There is no usb modification that can be done to it. If your xbox is on one of the newer dashboards you can look into the reset glitch hack “rgh”. If you cannot solder - do not even attempt this, but there are repair shops that can do this modification for you. You can even use an extra cygnos chip to “dual boot” your box. One type of boot = jtag. Boot 2 = retail for xbox live. Hope this helps. In summary, there is no USB jtag hack.

No you would never ever have a usb jtagg never!!!

Just flash your cd drive then. Its a lot easier then jtagging a xbox and if you don’t want to do it yourself most people will do it for 20-30$.

If you dont know what flashing your drive does its just so you can play burned games …