How do you add guns as a weapon on X360?

How do you add guns for weapons on the Xbox 360? I have asked this many times and no one is help me. :anguished:

What game are you talking about…?

minecraft xbox360 I seen ppl have them and I want to know a link for it :anguished:

Uh, don’t think you can do that…

I’d have to agree. I asked my son and he said no, he’s a MC junkie, and I trust his answer.

You could try building one of these weiner:

You cannot do that but you can Mod it with a website that i use called opryze lp mod tool look it up on youtube

ok now can I ask about a def game how do u do the trickline on skate 3 I know the youtube videos but I don’t get any of them can someone give me a guild of it

I don’t play Skate 3, but I did just watch some videos. What I can tell you is, you need to be nasty at the game, and you need to cleanly perform tricks quickly, one after another. Trickline means doing tricks in a line. Just practice weiner, and you’ll get the hang of it.