How do you become a community creator?

Hello WeMod, my name is GalaxyHacker456. I am a PRO user. And I have always wanted to make trainers for games. What I am trying to say is, how do you become a community creator? The main reason I want to become a creator is that I want to make new and improved cheats for games supported by WeMod, and I also want to make cheats for games that are NOT supported by WeMod. So I want WeMod to be updated and have the feature to make trainers and mods.

At this time we do not allow community contributions/creators. If you let me know what games you want more options for I can see what we can do.

I have an idea for a trainer for a game called “Amazing Frog?”. This is a sandbox game where you play as this frog, and you can just do whatever you want. It’s really funny and really popular. You can buy the game for $15.99 right here: “Amazing Frog? on Steam”. All the steam reviews for this game show that it’s very positive. And if you check the reviews, you will se people with hundreds of hours on this game. Some people even have almost a thousand total hours. In fact, on my older steam account, I have over 700 hours of play time on Amazing Frog. Now the game is in early access (Kind of). But it’s really fun! So I put together a notepad document with up to 22 different cheats for a trainer that this game could have. AND JUST REMEMBER! These cheats are for the early access version. Because the early access version is way better than the full version. The full version is crap, you can’t do anything cool. But the early access just has like endless possibilities!
(Also, some of the cheats may be weird, but once you play the game you will understand.)

My Ideas for Amazing Frog Cheats.txt (2.3 KB)

Unfortunately going around the current system we have for determining what games will get trainers next isn’t something I can do. I believe @Ravenfyre replied to your last thread about the game. If you have cheat suggestions for games currently in WeMod I will see if we can add them.