How do you leave comments on a game’s page?

On a game’s page, there’s a list of user comments at the bottom, but when you click “Join the Discussion” it takes you to the forum (and forum posts don’t seem to show up in the comments section).

I’ve been playing the Witcher 2, and the mods don’t work (they stop working after the Prologue). The list of comments on the game’s page almost universally say how great the mods are, but once you go to the forums everything is almost universally “Doesn’t Work.” It would be nice if those posts warning that the mods don’t work were listed on the actual game page, to save people from wasting their time.

Those comments are from trainer feedback left in the app. Forum posts are not shown there. As far as the trainer goes everything should be working correctly if you have the standard version (non-enhanced).

Do you know why the mods are available for the standard version, and not the Enhanced Edition?

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition is the version that just about anyone who plays the game is going to own. I don’t even think you can buy the original version anymore…

That is what was requested.

How do I request the Enhanced Edition? Considering the feedback in the game’s forum section, it seems people need mods for the Enhanced Edition, not the old, original version which, again, isn’t even available for purchase.

Also, if you pull up the Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition in the app, only GoG is listed (not Steam). So even if you click the “Notify” button, it’s only going to show you as wanting mods for the GoG Enhanced Edition.