How do you mod call of duty 3

Anyone know how to do this.Iv seen a guy using it ,when i was playing cod 3 ,he could run fast ,godmode ,fly up in the air.i wanted to buy the modded disc off him on ebay but his long. Its like trying to get blood out of a stone.Anyone know were i can get the file so i can make a modded disc .Thanks :interrobang:

dude its proably a GPD


what a gpd?

derp…look it up:)?

Hex Editing the .GPD file found in your profile, with DVARs.

You know about Iso’s but not GPD(GameProfileData)

yeah i know iso .Iv never modded a game .The guy said its bind mods .But with out a tut im lost .Heres his video YouTube - Call of Duty 3 - Bind Mods,i wish i could get a tut video or the file.My friend mods games and has his own site ,but even he cant mod this game.

anyone know how to make a gpd for this game.Or a link to a tut please.


Dude, try youtube…

You don’t make GPDs they are in your profile.

This is iso moding.You need to find the common mp and somewhere in their will be controller layouts. Choose which layout you want to mod change that controller’s layout functions to have god mode/ noclip. :smiley:

@OP, learn to search for you answer first. There are countless amounts of tutorials (text & video) that show you how this is done.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Yahoo! Canada

iv looked everwhere ,a tut for this game has never been done .I know 3 people that have done it but ,they wont give it away .Thanks for the replys .

Ive looked for this myself, and it seems there is infact no tutorials on youtube, you could just use cheaters old codtool