How do you transfer 360 files to horizon?

i really am cluless on this guys i cant figure out how to transfer files. I tried to do it on a flash drive but it does not work . can someone please help me?

Then you are doing it wrong. How are you trying to do it?

I plug in a flash drive to the usb and the copy a save on it then put it in the computor and go to horizon click open go to the flash drive then click open then it says this file is an invalid stfs or svod package. and tats wat happens

What exactly are you opening to get this error?

open, cruzer,xbox360, data 0002. then open and the message appears

No, you don’t do that. You open the flash in Modio, and extract the files you want to load.

Ya use modio to extract the files and when you are done replace them.

No, dont use modio. Use USB Xtaf GUI.

You Need A Usb Or Transfer Cable!

can i ask how exactly step by step do you upload files from modio into horizon

can i also ask how you get modded info back onto the flash drive

Just drag and drop. You may need to turn off UAC. Just search it on youtube.

Yeah, like Lolzorz said, just look it up on Youtube. Type in 'How to mod your MW2 gamertag" or something. You’ll get it.

even if you dont like modio
just use it
USB Xtaf GUI corrupts alot more than modio

i can now get the file onto the xbox but it is not loading at all

If you’re using a USB you need to transfer it back to you’re HDD or load it directly from your USB drive. Also verify if your account is corrupted by going in System Settings -> Memory -> Profile, if your profile is corrupted it’ll be written.

helloi cant help thought i would just drop in