How does one rebind the EXE that wemod launches a game is? (NVSE help)?

Wemod’s play button looks for the main executable file for the game in it’s library. However, I need to rebind the trainers PLAY button for new vegas to launch NVSE instead of NewVegas.EXE , does anyone know a step by step process for this with screenshots? Thanks! <3

Ya start the game from steam first then Alt tab out press play after

Press the down arrow next to the play button in the trainer. A panel will open.
Locate the game’s .exe and add it to this panel.

Note that NVSE (New Vegas Script Extender) is a mod, not a game. I doubt the trainer will work for it since it is designed for the base game, not player-made mods.

Still, NVSE is an .EXE executable program, right? That means it may pick up that NVSE is considered a “game” automatically. New Vegas is also an executable program. What NVSE does to my knowledge is extends scripts and delimits programming by bypassing / skipping the generic launcher and immediately launching the game.

The trainer was made for the original game using the original launcher. The modded launcher changes values in the game’s coding which means the trainer doesn’t recognise them.

Trying to inject WeMod into NVSE instead of the original .exe is like trying to inject WeMod into Microsoft Paint instead of Call of Duty.