How has it been going? Whats up?

So pretty much I took a break from the site for a little bit and now I am back. Before you say this post is pointless let me explain. So I have been on the site since 2012 and I recently got a job as well as going to school, so things are hectic. But during those days of being away I came on the site visiting and what not just to see what’s up.

Now I just wanna know what is going on in your life? What have you been doing? Don’t take the question personally, you could simply say, " I’ve been just chilling." Or something similar, I just wanma get to know everyone on this site that is not a bot and still active. There isn’t much of us that actually post so I think knowing everyone on this site in a friendly, not too personal way shouldn’t be too hard.

Welcome back man.

Busy as a bee. Working on several films and trying to get my youtube up and running.

Yeah man I have been designing, working, and doing school work.


watching exorbitant amounts of porn

Working everyday :anguished: adult life…

Playing xbox/pc a little at night and that’s about it.

Working my arse off everyday, go home to some housework and sort the kids out and then it’s me time and I get to play the 360 or the X1 for a while.
Sorry “nik”, I left your Adavanced Warfare clan as we are in different timezones and you guys didn’t seem to be on that often, I was kindly adopted by the F4LN Gaming clan down here in OZ.
I used to like to dabble a little bit with Photoshop but just don’t seem to be able to find the time anymore, that’s why it’s good to check your work out from time to time so keep it up… :thumbsup: