How I feel wearing Kellslayer's Helm

I got front page on /r/DestinyTheGame this morning with this, pretty stoked bout dat

ya that helm does loot stupid lol seems like who ever made it up didn’t have much of a idea

LOL! That’s why i Ascended my Battlecage of Kabr.

Awesome man, what is the r/DestinyTheGame post titled as?

Thanks for the share!

It’s since dropped down to the 3rd page, but the thread title is the same as the one here. Has a media flair.

That was you? Gave me a laugh.


Cool I just got a Xbox Live card code from

Huh, initially I could’t find it using the search bar, but, after removing the “limit my search to r/DestinyTheGame”, it popped up, but the video was removed.

…the title is now [#809|+54|20] How I feel wearing Kellslayer’s Helm [/r/DestinyTheGame]; user FrontpageWatch, in the r/longtail subreddit.

Anyways, again, thanks for sharing!

The link was removed! :anguished:

The post was taken down once for being a “meme” because the mod didn’t see the destiny clip at the end, but then he reinstated it. Then it was closed again for “low effort” after it had already hit front page. Sent a PM to all the mods but never got a reply back.