How much would gamestop pay for an xbox360?

I have the xbox 360 pro 20GB, im looking to get rid of it! I don’t know if should sell it to game-stop or look to sell it online but i would like to know if anyone recently sold theirs to game-stop, and if so, how much did they give you and did yours have any defects like rrod or disk tray problems etc?

Around like $100 lol

Last time I started to trade one in it was $60, you had to include a controller and all cables to get that.

Probably around $65 for the 360 itself, then about $10 for the HDD.

You would be digging yourself a hole. Your best bet is getting an ad up on your local or Ebay account. Gamestop does this.

Buys back for less, Sells for more.

put it on Craigslist, don’t let GameStop rip you off then they make bank off you…

Craigslist is definitely the best place

$40 . Tops.

TL;DR, not enough.

Ive got the cables, the hardrive, two controllers, one chat pad, transfer cable, play and charge cable + battery pack, two red rings and a broken disk tray!

They wanted to give me $60 for my MW3 xbox with 320gb and two controllers and I was just like lolno.

You’ll be lucky to get $40.

You could sell on CL for a lot… people would buy it seriously lol

I doubt it lol, maybe if they could jtag it but its updated to the new dashboard beta.

Just try… if you have all of that stuff people who really want an xbox would get it.

I just asked this question today at my local GS, they are having a deal where you get 100% more credit for trade in.

For the console itself, you’re looking at around 110 bucks (that’s what he quoted me), not sure if it’s just here or nationwide…

Plus, you got more stuff for trade so it might not be that bad…

That’s not too bad, hell I might trade my extra 360 in for that price because that’s pretty much what you get on Craigslist.

edit: just looked on Game Stop’s website it’s double the trade in but in-store credit…gay

95$ all combined

Game-Stop is terrible for anything but quick-access, latest release games if you are in a pinch.

I would call myself a hypocrite, since I go there all the time and have several outstanding pre-orders, and was just there today with the lady; but seriously, I laugh at their prices and chat with the (very friendly) employees about the ridiculous markups that corporate imposes on them.

You will get (according to my calculations/estimates and GameStop employee confirmation) anywhere from 50-70% lower than private-seller value for anything you trade in; which will then be marked up to sometimes double the market value (dependent on the product).

I would suggest selling it at school or online via craigslist. Good luck.