How should i add mod files and Mod Menu to GTA 5 Xbox 360 while using USB and Horizon?

Hello, i have completed the whole Story Mode of GTA 5, and i’m ready to get a bigger and better experience while using mods. I could later write my wishlist of mods that i want add in the game, if anyone’s intrested, but i have a problem.

I am somewhat experienced with adding mod files to Fallout 4 and Sims 4, but I have no idea how to do that same thing on xbox games. What i’m able to use is PC, Horizon and USB, i’m still not sure on how to add downloaded mod files to the game, it’s difficult for me to find the correct informtion on the internet on how to do this.

Could anyone help me, specifically, on how to add Mod Menu (and maybe some other clothing, hair mods) to the game, so that i can play it in Xbox 360 Story Mode? I’d really appreciate the help.

(I know some people would find it easy to do JTAG, but i can’t, sorry)

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First thing you need is a JTAG Xbox 360. If you don’t have one, then this will not work for you. These consoles can be purchased online for reasonable prices especially now.

I would start here:

It’s a complete tutorial for adding mod menus to GTA V on Xbox 360.

There are also plenty of guides on YouTube and elsewhere that explain step by step how to do what you’re asking.

Hope this helps you out :smiley:

Hi please use English on here so we can help you. Thanks