How silly!

MAF user here, trying to assimilate. Not seeing it possible. I have hundreds of games installed. Your app supports a whopping TWELVE of them. Of course, it may support a few more but it’s hard to tell since it can only find 47. I see no way to tell it where my games are installed. The “games” page literally has no options. The “dashboard” is basically just an ad page asking me to do things that make you people money so that I can get more Wemod coins or whatever. I assume this is the fictional currency we pay you to request that you make the trainers we want.

And then there’s: the Paywall. I know you like to pretend there isn’t one but you know there is. Without pro you can currently only use hotkey cheats not interactive ones (see?). How long before the free version only allows 2 cheats at a time or some such nonsense? It’s inevitable. Everything with a “pro” version will develop a paywall sooner or later.

We’re cheaters. We won’t go through the grind of completing games without cheats and we won’t PAY you for trainers that can be found elsewhere for free. This is a terrible business model.

Thank you for the feedback. We’re sorry to hear that WeMod isn’t working as well as it should.

Are all of your games purchased and installed from a major DRM platform? Our library of supported games will continue to grow as we add new games and as MAF transfers more trainers. It will take a considerable amount of time for him to transfer all of them. If your game is not automatically found you can add it by clicking the fix button from within the trainer(

All cheats are free to use. Interactive controls are ease of use but are not required to use any cheat.

Hello again Chris!

Wait, you require cheaters to have games only from “a major DRM platform”?!? LOLOLOL!!!

In my case however, the majority of my games are from Steam, Origin or Unity. So, yes, they are purchased or accessible via subscription. Looks like the “fix” button works and it’s no more difficult to find the game and add the link than it is to find a trainer online and install it.

Even though the paywall only disables “ease of use” features, it’s still a paywall. It can and probably will get more restrictive.

It’s been several years and the paywall has NOT gotten more restrictive. I stand corrected. Well done Wemod.

The shear amount of posts I have seen of people complaining about stuff that they can very easily just search up is astounding, The wemod team has done a great job of handling these ‘issues’
Thanks to the wemod team.
and to opensorce for being respectful in the end

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