How the new Xbox Dash watches your every move

Microsoft has released a new video about the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update. There’s not a great deal of new information to be had, though this is one of the few public glimpses of the new dash offered by the company.One worrying note about the video: There’s a large emphasis on the revised Dashboard learning about the user. As Xbox Live corporate VP Marc Whitten forebodingly puts it, “It’s not about you learning about our technology, it’s about our technology learning about you [emphasis added].” In other words, you might want to stop gaming in your underwear.


Wtf. No more naked gaming.

Records everything you do ? Hmm…i wonder will this effect modding.


I’m Scared.

Does this mean it can watch you mod game saves lol.

Will you get this if you don’t have a kinect?

Will this affect modding?

And gamers playing naked?



record with what? does the dashboard updated configure the xbox remote to turn into a camara or something, even if it did. im selling that shieeet!

The Kinect is actually a spy cam for perverted Microsoft employees. xD

come on people, If it could tell you were modding then it’s not a computer monitoring this, its an individual. This is suppose to “learn” you.

I never leave my kinect in just incase it can still see you while the console is off.

It doesn’t literally record you via a camera facepalm , that part saying to stop gaming naked was a joke.

It will record what you do on the dashboard , too see what features you use the most etc.

Obviously it’s not going to be able to record you without the kinect camera… It might however track what you click on/view in order to learn more about you.

So i put my penis in a oven i get done for rape ?

No kinect, come at me M$

So it will record me sending hate mail to players who kill me repeatedly?

God dammit, I have to play my games dressed now.

i game naked because in the summer i usually have females over and we watch movies … and such >.>
I swear its all we do
and damn … time to get my c**k on the net once more

This will only effect those who have Kinect.